Odds Show A Clear Favorite To Win NFL MVP Next Season

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On Sunday, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes went from a great quarterback to one of the greatest ever by leading his team to a come-from-behind win over the San Francisco 49ers in overtime.

It was his third world championship to go along with two regular-season MVPs, and he was also named the Super Bowl MVP for the third time in his career.

Mahomes’ numbers were down a bit during the regular season, which knocked him out of the running for MVP, but right now, he has opened up as the favorite for the 2024 regular-season MVP award with +600 odds, per Action Network.

The 2023 regular season was seemingly an exercise in frustration for the Chiefs — their young cadre of wide receivers dropped many passes, especially in key situations, and it looked like they simply didn’t have enough firepower to win it all.

Come playoff time, some were counting them out, but others realized that it is foolish to bet against Mahomes.

Mahomes and his men were underdogs in not only the Super Bowl but also the AFC Championship Game versus the Baltimore Ravens, but they came through both times.

The signal-caller is now being talked about in the same breath as Tom Brady and Joe Montana, universally considered the two greatest QBs ever, and at age 28, he’s still early in his prime.

The Chiefs’ young receivers should be better this fall, and they could easily go out and get a more proven option at that position to bolster their chances of yet another Super Bowl win, not to mention another MVP for Mahomes.

Mahomes could have another decade of high-level football left in him, which means he could end up putting together a resume that no one has ever seen before when it’s all said and done.

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